NEW “Bi-Pass Technology”

Now You Can Say Goodbye To Out Of Control Bloating... Gas… Brain Fog… Sleepless Nights... And Mood Swings

“My energy level seems to have increased and I’m much more regular which makes my stomach less bloated, less irritated and my mood a lot better.”

Finally, you can say goodbye to constant bloating and gas… irregular BM... chronic fatigue and mood swings… 

You can finally have deep restful sleep… more energy and clear focus so you can live an active healthy life.

This new “Bi-Pass Technology” will take care of your digestive issues allowing you to enjoy what you love doing most. 

The Problem Is More Severe Than People Think

According to a new survey, every day 74 percent of Americans are bearing with digestive issues like… constipation... diarrhea... out of control gas... bloating... and frequent stomach aches and pains.

If you’ve been suffering from one of these…


If you’ve been struggling with...
sleepless nights...
low energy... 
brain fog... 
lack of focus...
and mood swings.

You are not alone! 

These digestive problems have become a “norm” for the vast majority of people.

What’s worse…

These issues make you self-conscious.

They keep you anxious all the time because you don’t know when you have to run to the toilet… and if there is going to be an available one.

Lack of sleep due to discomfort and stomach aches keeps adding up. 

You can barely go through the day because your energy levels are extremely low.

It’s exhausting!

Every meal you eat is like Russian roulette… You never know if it’ll bloat you causing stomach pains and gas or you’ll be fine this time.

And the worst part…

It slows you down. 
Your performance suffers.

You can’t fully focus when you’re tossing your bike… sliding your board... or spinning your wheels. 

Which can be detrimental to your safety and health.

Every time you go out for a spin you never know if you’ll enjoy it 


You’ll be constantly thinking… 

“Is there any toilet around?”

But here is good news!

Thanks to this new powerful “Bi-Pass Technology” you can forget about stomach pains… have more energy… stay focused and enjoy what you love doing the most.

And I am going to share with you how you can take advantage of this unique formula today... but first...  

Let’s talk about why almost 7 from 10 Americans struggle with these digestive issues…

It All Starts On The Inside

Did you know that inside your body you have a hidden organ? 

And this organ determines how your body’s systems function… 

If your body functions smoothly you feel good…

If something doesn’t work properly you experience discomfort.. pains... and aches. 

And it feels terrible.

Scientists call this hidden organ the microbiome…

The microbiome consists of trillions of microorganisms (microbes) of thousands of different types.

One type stands out amongst all. 

And it’s called bacteria.

Until recently the scientific community looked at bacteria as something bad… 

Something inside your body that can cause sickness and develop certain diseases… 

Which turned out far from the truth.

What Scientists Discovered is Astonishing!

They found the human body has both good and bad bacteria… trillions of them.

And these bacteria are looking after your body’s daily functions!
Scientists discover that some bacteria are crucial for boosting immunity... keeping our digestive system healthy… our hormones balanced and... our brains working properly.

What’s interesting...

The vast majority of bacteria that make up our microbiome live in our digestive systems.

And it’s responsible for gut health and the immune system.

According to researchers, up to...

90 Percent of All disease can be traced in some way back to the health of Your microbiome.

Why do people get sick and have health problems? 

It all comes down to the balance. 

The balance between good and bad bacteria. 

When they live in peace and harmony you enjoy your life. 

If the “bad guys” take over - you start experiencing health issues...

If you’re like many Americans suffering from digestive issues - highly likely your gut health is out of balance.

In simple words - in your gut, you have more bad bacteria than good ones… 

According to a study, this imbalance triggers the body’s immune response… 

Which results in gut inflammation and increased intestinal permeability (IP).


Your intestines lining let substances into the bloodstream. 

In plain English it means… 

Your internal pipes are leaking!

Now you might be wondering…

“How do I fix my leaking pipes?”

See - If you have spent hundreds (maybe thousands!?) of dollars on treatments and visits to the doctors...

And have not seen any results so far… you’re not alone!
Millions of people use prescription medicines… antibiotics… and fancy diets...  without any improvements!


Because this is not how you fix imbalances between good and bad bacteria in your gut.

What’s interesting is…
The above so called solutions can make things worse!

The have side effects like nausea… vomiting… frequent and sharp stomach pains… and the list goes on!

So what's the right solution?

How can you help your body fight off bad bacteria... create balance in our gut and improve you overall health?

How can we do it safely without side effects?

These are the main questions our team had when developing our unique and powerful “Bi-Pass Technology”.

So we went on a mission to find a way to help people maintain an active lifestyle without suffering from painful stomach problems.

And thanks to scientific research you can say goodbye to constant bloating and gas… irregular BM... chronic fatigue and mood swings…

You can start enjoying an active healthy life again.

Introducing Gut Sauce

Gut Sauce is a proprietary blend of probiotic bacteria MARTREK Bi-Pass Technology.

It’s designed specifically to for people who live an active lifestyle.

Gut Sauce Probiotic will take care of your digestive issues allowing you to enjoy what you love most.

The Ultimate Probiotic Formula

Gut sauce combines the most powerful ingredients to form a superior gut health solution.

The first good bacteria included in Gut Sauce is LA-14. La-14 is also known as the Lactobacillus acidophilus. It’s a unique bacteria that can help you

You Can Be Regular Again!

Studies have shown L. acidophilus may help prevent and reduce diarrhea. 

In a study of 60 people with functional bowel disorders taking a combination of L. acidophilus and another probiotic significantly improved bloating.

See - L. acidophilus works becasue it can increase the amount healthy bacteria in the gut, including Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. 

What’s more...

Studies show L. acidophilus can help increase immune response.

Plus L. acidophilus may help reduce cholesterol and promote weight loss so you can stay lean and healthy.

The second type of good bacteria in Gut Sauce will have you cheering... 

No More Bloating - No More Cramps

The second bacteria is called Bifidobacterium lactis (or BL-04). This bacteria is something you want to consume daily!

Studies show low numbers of Bifidobacteria in the intestines can lead to a laundry list of disease.

Scientific research reveals taking Bifidobacteria can increase their abundance in the gut and improve disease symptoms.

See Bifidobacteria's primary funtcion is to digest fiber and other complex carbs your body can’t digest on its own.

When you have a healthy amount of Bifidobacteria in you gut... it may help improve bloating, cramps and abdominal pain.

Even better…

Research reveals Bifidobacteria can aid in reducing inflammation.

And as you may know inflammation is an under lying cause to more than 90% of disease.

And to top it off...

Bifidobacteria may even help brain health.

Two studies show in combination with other probiotics, Bifidobacteria reduced psychological distress and negative thoughts associated with a sad mood in healthy people.

But we didn't stop at just helping your body become regular and eliminate gas and bloating...

Gut Sauce also includes two powerful bacteria to...

Supercharge Your Immune System

The first of the two immune boosters is L-115 (or Lactobacillus Plantarum). This bacteria is known as the natural remedy of choice when it comes to gut health and a stronger immune system.

Lactobacillus Plantarum helps to stimulate your digestive system, fight off disease-causing bacteria, and helps your body produce vitamins.

Scientist have discovered by improving the amount of L-115 in your gut... it can reduce a number of serious health issues.
See Lactobacillus Plantarum works because it helps combat and protect against inflammation-related health problems.

The second immune boosting bacteria in Gut Sauce is Lactobacillus paracasei (or Lpc-37). 

Lpc-37 is a powerful type of bacteria. See - Lpc-37 has anti-inflammatory properties. It increases the release of pro-inflammatory chemicals that stimulate your immune system.

Even better...

Lpc-37 works synergistically to improve other bacteria. It boosts the number of Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli in the gut while fighting harmful bacteria.

On top of that - Lpc-37 helps strengthen the intestinal barrier and improve the absorption of nutrients from food.

As you can see Gut Sauce can drastically improve your gut health... and therfore improve your overall health.

Here is what you can expect from our unique probiotic blend:

  • Improve leaky gut and strengthen your gut lining.
  • ​Improves bloating… out of control gas... and bowel movements so you can be regular again.
  • ​Improve discomfort… stomach aches... and pains - so you can live a pain free active life.

  • Boost your immune response and your overall immune system.
  • ​By improving you gut health you improve your overall health.

Try Gut Sauce Risk Free Today!

Right now you can try Gut Sauce completely Risk Free.

When you order today you can use the entire bottle of Gut Sauce and if you're not 100% satisfied with your results... let us know and we will give you a full refund.

Go ahead - try Gut Sauce and see how much better you feel. 

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We use only time-tested, science-proven and research-based ingredients to help you achieve your performance and fitness goals. 

That’s what you’ll find in ALL Cell Sauce products.

Our facility is FDA registered… GMP certified facility… right here in the USA.

Plus - all our products are tested and certified by independent third-party using advanced technology such as mass spectrometry to ensure purity and potency.

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Formulated By Science... 
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money back guarantee
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Our team of experts at Cell Sauce are on a mission to help people live and sustain an active lifestyle. We use doctors... science... and professional athletes to ensure our products work. We manufacture everything in an FDA registered GMP facility and have our supplements 3rd party tested for purity and potency. When you use Cell Sauce products - you can be certain your getting the quality you deserve.
Our team of experts at Cell Sauce are on a mission to help you sustain a healthy active life. We use doctors... science... and professional athletes to ensure our products work. We manufacture everything in an FDA registered GMP facility and have our supplements 3rd party tested for purity and potency. When you use Cell Sauce products - you can be certain your getting the quality you deserve.
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Gut Sauce is formulated to support and maintain a healthy gut. If at any time you are unsatisfied with a product you purchased from us, you may return any opened & unopened bottles within sixty (60) days for a full refund of the returned bottles, not including shipping. Please email to get return authorization.

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